Anh and Chi X Kandl Giveaway

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Now that it’s getting closer to national celebrate-your-queen day, order the perfect gift for Mum! Anh and Chi has prepared a celebratory Mother's Day Picnic Set for four for Mum and fans. Travel with us from the North to the South of Vietnam as we highlight delicacies from each region and pair it with our newest addition - Fever Grass Beer - Anh and Chi's very own beer brewed in collaboration with Powell Brewery.

Freedom to Fever Grass

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We are excited to announce Anh and Chi's 5th anniversary! In celebration and collaboration with independent and local Powell Brewery - we present to you Fever Grass beer! The delicious Gose-style ale infused with lemongrass and rau răm, a Vietnamese mint. Available for dine in or pick up, get your 4-pack today!

Recipe: How to roll up the fragrant flavours of Spring at home

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How to make fresh salad rolls? 

Gỏi cuốn or Fresh Salad Rolls is one of the most iconic Vietnamese dishes - and for good reason! Ingredients can vary in this versatile dish, but an abundance of fresh herbs, a flavourful dipping sauce and authentic Vietnamese rice paper are the real key to making amazing salad rolls. Here is a recipe fun for home: ingredients that you can pick up at your local ethnic grocery store or as a complete set, sauce and everything in a DIY Meal Kit from Anh and Chi. 

Celebrating all the women in our lives

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Gift yourself and the amazing women in your life! Take 10% off all of our micro-batched artisan sauces, DIY meal kits for four, and fine cocktail kits. Excludes gift cards. Valid for community members / subscribers until March 31, 2021.