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Prior to COVID-19, Anh and Chi only accepted walk-in guests. At the peak of the pandemic, there had to be shift to avoid lines outside the door, to keep our team and patrons safe, and to perhaps, find a way to help many marginalized communities throughout our city. 

In December of 2020, Anh and Chi launched Reservation by Donation, the very first program of its kind in Vancouver. Through Reservation by Donation, guests have an option to reserve a table by donating $10 per person to a charity of their choice. Each quarter to half a year, the Anh and Chi team shortlists 3-4 community-nominated charities to support IBPOC communities, young people living with mental illness, homelessness, drug use, or food scarcity; seniors living with dignity; and/or refugees and immigrants seeking food and shelter. 

Every dollar you donate goes directly to the charity of your choice because we cover all the administrative, transaction and staffing costs that are required to facilitate this program. 

To reserve a table, please book online and choose a date, time, and donate $10 per person to one or more of the shortlisted charities. Please note there are NO refunds. Only a small portion of our seating is available for reservations, the rest is reserved for our walk-in dining guests. 

If your desired date and time are not available, please join us as a walk-in guest. 

Current charities


The Writers' Exchange is a community that supports under-resourced kids and youth by providing fun literacy programs to build their confidence and get excited about reading, writing and their own potential.


Vancouver Fruit Tree is a grassroots organization on a mission to strengthen Vancouver’s food security by harvesting backyard fruit trees and delivering it to organizations serving members in our community who typically have reduced access to fresh produce.

Providing unique and essential programming for newcomer women and their young children, the Pacific Immigrant Resource Society is a supportive community dedicated to empowering women to rise out of isolation and build a vibrant and fulfilling life in Canada.

Reservations are optional, walk-in guests are welcomed.
Same day reservations cannot be accommodated.

Anh and Chi continues its popular Reservation by Donation program, where guests can skip the lines by reserving a table with a donation of their choice. To date, Anh and Chi’s community of patrons and staff have raised more than $245,000.

Bookings can be made here. 
A note from the accountant:
Anh and Chi recognizes the reservation fees when it collects the funds and reports it on the T2 corporation tax return. The restaurant then donates the received amounts from the reservation fee to one of 4 selected charities. Only when the donation is made out to the charity is the donation expense claimed. As all of the monies are donated to charity, this arrangement results in no financial gain for the company. This arrangement is very similar to retailers selling a product in which the monies from the sale of the product are donated to a charity.
Donation receipts are issued by the registered charities in which the donations are made out to. Therefore our customers are not given donation receipts as the registered charities can only issue these receipts to the donor that they receive the funds directly from. You can choose to donate to one of the select charities and show proof of donation to book a table with Anh and Chi.