Anh and Chi

[/ aĭŋ / ænd / tʃi/]: noun / conjunction / noun
  1. Elder brother and elder sister of the same family;
  2. respectful form of address for a friend or a even a stranger, man or woman respectively, generally above one’s age; address for fellow members of the same community;
  3. an award-winning and vibrant hub at 3388 Main Street in Vancouver, BC – to eat, drink and gather over authentic Vietnamese fare and tasteful cocktails made from fresh and local ingredients with culture, love and excitement.  
Vincent Nguyễn & Amélie Nguyễn

- Photo by Richie Lubaton

Vincent Nguyễn, Brother Chef & Owner
Amélie Nguyễn, Sister & Co-founder

Vincent and Amélie were born to Vietnamese refugees and raised in Vancouver, BC. Amélie is an academic in health, passionate to tell stories that inspire thought, compassion and change. Vincent was a medical school drop out whose drive for legacy, and passion for food and design, committed the brother and sister duo to advance Vietnamese cuisine in Vancouver. Together, they created the highly acclaimed and beloved Anh and Chi.

Lý Nguyên, Mother & Executive Chef

Chef Lý grew up in her mom's Saigon café, a place where people gathered, ate, and expressed themselves. Grandma's shop played pre-1975 Nhac Vang "Yellow music" – songs of peace, prosperity and freedom – which were then banned throughout the country. Her café became a hub for artists, musicians and the whole community.

Fast forward 40 years, her family’s recipes, dream for freedom, and love for bringing people together have reached the Pacific Northwest. Lý not only established one of the most iconic restaurants in Vancouver, but also continues to reimagine Vietnamese cuisine with the next generation at Anh and Chi. She is thrilled to pass on her culinary "secrets" to her children so she can (finally) retire and hang out in her garden with the new love of her life - her grandchildren!

Lý Nguyên

- Photo by Angel Lynne

Lý & Hoàng Nguyên, 1991

- Photo courtesy of Nguyên Family Archives

Standing on the Shoulders of the Giant

Hoàng & Lý Nguyen arrived in Canada as boat people from Vietnam in 1980. They created the iconic Pho Hoàng, which was the first ever and longest standing Pho speciality house in Vancouver.

Our parents were self-trained chefs, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. Like the majority of Canadians who have settled here from another country, they have taught us to start where we are, use what we have, and do what we can. What they did out of necessity and courage has become a strong foundation propelling us forward. Their shoulders are what we stand on.

Anh and Chi is a tribute to our parents, friends and family who have helped us and families alike, along the way.

~ Amélie & Vincent

Our Team

Anh and Chi is a vibrant, cultured and hip hub to eat, drink and connect. It represents countless brothers and sisters, across generations and boarders, who share their talent, passion, and a vision for Vietnamese fare.

Ngoc Vu, Manager & Team Coordinator

Ngoc Vu

Manager & Team Coordinator

My favourite aspect of working in a Vietnamese restaurant is showing guests the diversity of our food and culture. Favourite Dish: Water Spinach & Beef Salad

Jared Schmidt, Bar Manager

Jared Schmidt

Bar Manager

My favourite part of working in the F&B industry is seeing guests express gratitude for the service they received, the quality of the food and beverages, and the overall experience at the restaurant feels so rewarding; that feeling keeps me deeply passionate about this industry. Favourite Dish: Yellow Chicken Curry.

Quy Vu, Operations Manager

Quinnie Vu

Operations Manager

I've been fortunate to work at Anh and Chi from the beginning and get to experience all aspects of running a restaurant smoothly from my days of serving tables, to now overseeing all the components behind the scenes. This team truly embodies the terms “family" and “community”. Must try: Crispy Spring Rolls.

Miguel Arrais, General Manager & Wine Director

Miguel Arrais

GM & Wine Director
My favourite part of working in the F&B industry is the atmosphere! There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when the infinite variables that make up the hum of a restaurant come together with authentic cuisine and enticing beverages. Favourite Dish: Gỏi Rau Muống (Water Spinach & Beef Sirloin Salad).