From our Mom to yours! For $25 per table, we provide you with a lunch reservation for your group and send your Mom home with a pair of -newly redesigned - Me's Sweet Soy & Me's Chili Fish Sauce.

We'll be offering our regular a la carte lunch menu as well as the Mother's Day features listed below.

Mother’s Day 2023 Features

“Dâu tháng Năm” A Strawberry in May, $17

Strawberry-infused Saigon Baigur Gin and Campari, Guava Mint Syrup, Lemon Juice, Egg White (Vegan option available upon request) 

“Gổi Tiến Vua” Mountain King Salad, $28

Tiger prawns, cucumber, charred pomelo, rau ram, pickled radish, red onion jam, fried shallots, puffed sesame rice, Mẹ’s Chilli Fish Sauce.

The Mountain King Salad or “Gổi Tiến Vua” is inspired by the Vietnamese mountain vegetable “Tiến Vua” which is found in the highlands of Vietnam. Historically, Tiến Vua was only grown and prepared for kings. Today, we are preparing the salad using spiralized cucumber that resembles the Mountain King vegetable, fresh and crunchy, but made especially for the queens (and kings) in our lives.

“Cua Rang Me” Tamarind Dungeness Crab, $MP

~2lb whole live BC Dungeness crab wok-fried with Vietnamese tamarind, garlic, red onions, and Sambal chilli.

Tamarind Crab or “Cua Rang Me” is a popular coastal dish in Vietnam. Inspired by Chef Ly’s recent trip to Mui Ne and Phu Quoc (the spectacular Southern beach region of Vietnam). Chef has combined a local BC Dungeness Crab with a sweet and sour sauce made from the edible and delicious tamarind fruit pods -an indigenous plant to Africa and abundant on sea-facing mountain slopes throughout SE Asia.


Kindly note, we will be allocating each reservation a 90 MINUTE DINING TIME to accommodate everyone wishing to celebrate with us.

As always, reservations are not required & walk-in guests are encouraged and welcomed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Written by Vincent Nguyen

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