New summer beer!

New summer beer!

Lạc Long Lager: A Legendary Brew for Modern Adventurers

In the mystical lands of Vietnam, the Dragon Lord Lạc Long Quân reigned supreme - his strength and wisdom an eternal source of awe.

In tribute, Anh and Chi & Powell Brewing have collaborated on a quest to create a beer as extraordinary as Lạc Long Quân himself. Introducing, Lạc Long Lager - a refreshing elixir that captures the true essence of this legendary figure of Vietnamese folklore.

By intertwining the finest ingredients, Anh and Chi’s Lạc Long Lager infuses pomelo and jasmine rice, awakening your senses and guiding your palate on a mythical, thirst-quenching expedition of flavour. With every sip, Lạc Long Lager takes you on a journey. The pomelo's tang invigorates like an ocean breeze, while jasmine rice imparts a silky smoothness, echoing the Dragon Lord's regal presence.

So, raise your glass high as you let the spirit of Lạc Long Quân infuse your soul with vitality and an adventurous fervour. Embrace the mystique of Vietnam's mythology as you toast to the mythical, flavourful, and undying spirit of the Dragon Lord. Become part of the ancient legend as you embark on your very own legendary adventure with Anh and Chi’s Lạc Long Lager.