Anh and Chi presents Mẹ’s Garden tasting menu for moms, aunties, caregivers and more this Sunday May 8th, 2022.

Walk into our lush garden patio or reserve a seat in our chic dining room for a fresh six-course adventure where everything is wrapped in green leaf lettuce and filled with abundant Vietnamese herbs, pickled carrots and daikon, fine rice vermicelli noodles, and dipped in Mẹ’s Chilli Fish Sauce or our plant-based sister Mẹ’s Sweet Soy Sauce.

Mẹ’s Garden six-course menu, $50 pp
Dine in and take out available.
Course 1
Bánh khọt - Coconut prawn cakes
Bánh khọt chay - Coconut king oyster mushroom cakes V

Course 2
lui sả - Lemongrass beef skewers  
Đậu hũ sả ớt - Lemongrass chilli organic tofu V

Course 3
Bánh tôm cổ ngư - King prawn and shoestring yam tempura 
Bánh cổ ngư - Shoestring taro and yam and tempura V 

Course 4
Bò nướng - Chargrilled beef short ribs
Nầm nướng sả - Grilled shiitake mushroom V

Course 5
Bánh mì hấp - Steamed french baguette, ground beef, ground pork, jicama, onions
Bánh mì hấp chay - Steamed french baguette, king oyster mushroom, jicama, onions V

Course 6

Cadeaux Bakery tropical cloud buttercream cake
La Glace melon ice cream V

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Written by Vincent Nguyen

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