The family behind Vancouver’s beloved Anh and Chi, having been former refugees from Vietnam themselves, are launching a campaign to help raise emergency funds for Ukraine via the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) - Canada. From now until May 15, 2022, proceeds from Anh and Chi’s Reservation-By-Donation program will be donated to the cause, contributing to the expected four million displaced Ukrainians with safe shelter, food and necessities. Brother and sister duo owners Amelie Nguyen and Vincent Nguyen are matching donations up to $5,000.

What's happening in the community?

In addition, on Friday March 25, 2022, the Lac Viet Education Society, along with several Vietnamese community leaders, are hosting a fundraising banquet with live music, silent auction, and 50/50 draw. Up to 700 entrepreneurs, nonprofit community members, and influential leaders from across the Lower Mainland are anticipated to attend. 

“Our parents, and Hoàng Nguyễn, arrived in Vancouver as Vietnamese refugees by boat in 1980 and what is happening in Ukraine reminds our family of that devastating time - the displacement of so many women, children and seniors,” explains Amelie. “I was starting to feel helpless with the tragedy over in Ukraine, not to mention other ongoing crises around the world, until our family friends Tammy Dao and Nhung Davis of Lac Viet Education Society reached out to us to fundraise for Ukraine.”

“Tammy and Nhung exemplify what it means to have a grassroots movement and to empower our own community to bring about change. In honour of our Vietnamese heritage and along with elders, brothers and sisters, we are getting creative once again. We are standing together with fellow BC Vietnamese Canadians to support the people of Ukraine.”

Anh and Chi joins the campaign for Ukraine

From now until May 15, 2022 (Asian Heritage Month), Anh and Chi’s Reservation-By-Donation program is focused on raising an emergency fund for Ukraine via the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) - Canada. This is the first time Anh and Chi’s community of staff, patrons, family and friends are supporting an international cause. 

Anh and Chi is not only known for their delicious Vietnamese fare, natural BC wine, creative craft cocktails and exceptional service, but also their community of passionate creatives, entrepreneurs, and caring industry folks and patrons who come together for collective action. As a pivot during COVID-19 to up safety (less crowding) and support local communities, the independent eatery’s Reservation-By-Donation program was initiated and continues to make an impact. 

Anh and Chi's community of patrons and staff have raised $50,000!

Anh and Chi’s Reservation-by-Donation program has raised over $50,000 for local charities since December 2020. Their community of patrons have donated to local organisations that focuses on food security, housing, mental health counselling and necessities, especially with BIPOC, hardly reached, marginalised and at-risk youth and families. One hundred percent of the donations have been delivered to:

  • $19,770 to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre
  • $10,900 to Creative Greater Vancouver Food Bank
  • $5430 to the Vancouver Black Therapy Fund
  • $5320 to Backpack Buddies
  • $3000 to the BC Hospitality Fund 
  • $2180 to The Bloom Group
  • $1160 to Elimin8hate
  • $1070 to Directions Youth Services
  • $860 to Immigrant Services Society of BC

Guests have the option to book a table - $10 per person - in advance through their online Reservation-By-Donation program. All proceeds go directly to the selected charity. Local nonprofit organisations are nominated by staff and patrons via email or social media. There are always three to four nonprofits for guests to choose from, changing every three to six months. Reservations are not required to dine at Anh and Chi - walk-in guests are warmly welcomed. 

“We are fortunate to position Anh and Chi to do important things with our community, backed by an incredible team and caring guests.” adds Vincent. “We saw this as an opportunity to raise awareness and support around key issues, meanwhile offering flexibility for loyal patrons to reserve a table for a cause of their choice. We have been thrilled and inspired by the reception it has received.”

Support Ukraine in two ways

Support the BC Vietnamese Canadians Fundraiser for Ukraine by sponsoring a gift for the auction, joining the benefit dinner, and/or donating to this campaign benefiting UNHCR-Canada directly:

Guests can book a table via Anh and Chi’s Reservation-By-Donation today. All donations to the UNHCR-Canada will be matched up until May 15th, 2022.

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