Hey Anh and Chi family!

We’ve teased you with whispers of something new and exciting for long enough… The wait is finally over and we’re thrilled to finally announce the grand opening of Good Thief on Thursday, July 11th!

Good Thief isn’t just a name; it’s a philosophy. Inspired by the modern-day Robin Hood, Good Thief “steals'' timeless flavours and vibrant memories from cultures all over and reinterprets them with a cheeky twist. A real modern-day Robin Hood if you will, in the endless pursuit of new ideas to share with the world! Our menu is a playful mix of classic and contemporary, bringing unexpected delights to your plate and glass. You’ll be sure to leave having had some cocktails, bites, and sticky fingers! 

Nhậu or Never…

If you haven’t heard of Nhậu yet, you’re about to! Good Thief is a rebellious Vietnamese Nhậu and Cocktail Bar, where the culture of eating, drinking, and lively banter is celebrated. Nhậu is all about sharing food and drinks with friends, family, and even strangers. It’s the perfect excuse to gather, clink glasses, and enjoy the moment, because there’s no better time than now!

Join the Celebration

We invite you to dive into the tastes and experiences of Good Thief and join us for the grand opening. Whether you’re booking a table or just popping in, we’re ready to welcome you with open arms and a cocktail in hand. Walk-ins are more than welcome, so grab your crew and come celebrate with us! 

And in true sister-(restaurant) fashion, Good Thief will be stealing the Reservation-By-Donation program from Anh and Chi! Since the initiative first started in 2021, Anh and Chi has donated more than $300,000 to several local Vancouver charities, all courtesy of our incredible patrons. This initiative provides guests an option to reserve a table by donating to a charity of their choice. Dollar for dollar goes directly to patrons chosen charities, as both Anh and Chi and Good Thief cover administrative costs. Anh and Chi wouldn't be what it is today without our community. To be able to donate such incredible amounts is an honour and we can only hope to have an even greater impact with Good Thief on board!

Reservation spots are limited but walk-ins are always welcome. Book your table now or swing by in person – we can’t wait to see you at Good Thief, where tradition gets a rebellious twist!


Website goodthief.ca | Instagram: @goodthief.ca | Facebook: /goodthief.ca

Written by Anh and Chi Managers

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