This past weekend, Anh and Chi had the incredible opportunity to participate in the renowned BC Seafood Festival in Comox Valley, Vancouver Island. The event was a seafood lover's paradise, showcasing the very best of sustainable BC seafood, and we're thrilled to have been part of it!

Our booth was buzzing with excitement as we joined forces with the legendary Patrick McMurray, better known as Shucker Paddy, a Guinness World Record holder for fastest oyster shucking, and the esteemed Ned Bell, a sustainable seafood ambassador and culinary maestro. Together with these seafood icons, we unveiled three new Mẹ’s Marketplace sauce collaborations that added an extra layer of flavour and flair to the event. These sauces were crafted with the help of Chef Warren Chow of Wildlight, Chef Tushar Tondvalkar of Indian Pantry, and the soon-to-be-revealed new head chef at Good Thief—stay tuned for the big announcement!

In total, we brought seven amazing sauces and sauce collaborations, each designed to elevate the taste of oysters and other seafood:

Mẹ’s Marketplace by Anh and Chi:

  1. Mẹ’s Creamy Jalapeño Sauce - a mind-blowing spicy delight.

  2. Mẹ’s Chilli Fish Sauce - a pop of umami

  3. Mẹ’s Sweet Soy Sauce - a balance of sweet and savoury

Indian Pantry x Anh and Chi:

  1. Pink Punch - Kokum, Lemongrass & Chilli Fish Sauce - a beautiful and tangy twist.

Wildlight x Anh and Chi:

  1. Fermented Lemongrass Cocktail Sauce - a delicious play on the classic

  2. Sweet Soy, Birds Eye Chili & Mignonette - a smooth balance and blend of flavours.

Good Thief x Anh and Chi:

  1. Shiso, Chilli Fish Sauce & Coconut Foam - a rich and innovative combination.

The Comox Valley region, celebrated for its culinary bounty from farms and sea-to-table offerings, is the largest producer of oysters in Canada. This year's festival built on the success of previous years with an even more exciting lineup of top chefs, interactive booths, tastings, and the popular Fanny Bay Oysters Shucking Competition.

The BC Seafood Festival, held in the Comox Valley since 2006, is Western Canada’s largest seafood festival, attracting seafood enthusiasts from across Canada and around the globe. It’s a celebration of the best sustainable seafood BC has to offer, and this year’s festival did not disappoint.

We’re grateful to have been part of such an incredible event and look forward to bringing more delicious and innovative seafood dishes to our patrons. Until next year, keep savouring the flavours of the sea!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and culinary adventures from Anh and Chi and Good Thief!

Written by Anh and Chi Managers

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