Vancouver Vietnamese restaurant Anh and Chi has a crack at having the country's best bathrooms

Vancouver Vietnamese restaurant Anh and Chi has a crack at having the country's best bathrooms

Anh and Chi has earned plenty of loyal diners for its fresh take on pho and other Vietnamese fare. Now, it’s earning a different kind of praise: the restaurant is one of five finalists in the 2018 Canada’s Best Restroom contest.

The competition is held by Cintas Canada, Ltd., a company that provides workplace products ranging from uniforms to restroom supplies. The competition aims to shine a spotlight on public washrooms across the country “that go above and beyond to provide unique and clean facilities for guests”, according to a release.

Anh and Chi’s gender-neutral washroom transports guests to a tropical rainforest with its iconic Martinique wallpaper, mirroring Vietnam’s lush jungles,” the statement reads. “The wooden cabinets, custom made doors and gold Kohler faucets warm the sleek cement communal sink that extends the length of the room.

“Within the stalls, guests are met with a private, fully enclosed and luxurious getaway – candle and aroma reeds included,” it stated. “Inspired by tradition and modernity, the unique light fixtures by Cedar & Moss and smoky mirrors within the washroom accent the restaurant’s design and warm atmosphere.”

The contest isn’t limited to restaurants. Other finalists are Mississauga’s Erin Mills Town Centre (the washrooms are accessible, bright, and airy), Toronto’s Oretta eatery (“the perfect space for Instagram enthusiasts to snap an artistic after-dinner selfie”), Regina’s Saskatchewan Science Centre, where the “concept of an ‘outhouse in the woods’ was created through the use of floor, wall and ceiling visuals as well as an audio soundtrack which transports visitors to the boreal forests of Saskatchewan; and St. Albert’s  St. Albert Honda, with an accent wall intended to represent the revolutions per minute (RPM) meter in a vehicle and the redline effect, while promoting cleanliness with specialty fixtures “such as touchless faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, towel dispensers, automatic air fresheners and deluxe baby change stations in both female and male washrooms”. 

The five finalists were selected based on cleanliness, visual appeal, innovation, functionality, and unique design elements.

The winner will receive the royal restroom treatment from Cintas with $2,500 in facility services.

Members of the public are invited to vote for their favourite washroom at until August 17.  

Is it just a matter of time before Cintas discovers the washrooms at the new Laurence & Chico café?