Vancouver CityGuide: Main Street

Vancouver CityGuide: Main Street

Dogs on leashes, murals on brick walls and tattooed dads on skateboards—this must be Main Street.

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Forget to BYO growler? No worries, the north end of Main (a.k.a. Mount Pleasant) is lousy with craft breweries (but it’s Brassneck that creates our favourite illustrated refillable collectables). The condo developments have arrived and so have the crowds (open patio spots are as hard to find as rental vacancies), and we’ve lost an iconic storefront or two—RIP Hot Art Wet City—but what remains is a rich East Van hub (vintage shopping, parks, farm-to-table restaurants, boutique coffee shops) that hasn’t lost its small-town community charm.

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Anh and Chi

3388 Main St.,

A Vietnamese family restaurant with a modern twist, Anh and Chi serves up some of the usual suspects (phô and fresh spring rolls), but it continues to elevate with offerings like the smoky, grilled aubergine with pickled radish, chili and lemongrass. The room, designed by resident Karin Bohn, is a stunner with geometric woodwork, Vietnamese tiles and vintage oil lamps.