Amelie shares trips on how to cook like a pro at home as the CTV Morning Live team takes on the challenge to prepare one of the most iconic Vietnamese dishes - Gỏi cuốn!

Fresh Salad Rolls on CTV Morning Live Cook Off

You can pick-up the ingredients at a local ethnic grocery store or as a complete set, sauce and everything in a care package at Anh and Chi. Find a complete list of ingredients for our fresh salad rolls on our community blog here.


Watch Amelie cook in her very own kitchen and also goes live on TV to give feedback on the team's very own creations. We see fresh salad rolls of all shapes and sizes. Learn from the experience of the CTV Morning team and try out the recipe for yourself!

Find the recipe on our community blog here.

Most importantly, have fun with it! We include plenty of extra rice paper in our care packages to try rolling at home. And remember to tag us @anhandchi so we can select the winner for #bestsaladroll #anhandchiathome

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How to make fresh salad rolls? 

Gỏi cuốn or Fresh Salad Rolls is one of the most iconic Vietnamese dishes - and for good reason! Ingredients can vary in this versatile dish, but an abundance of fresh herbs, a flavourful dipping sauce and authentic Vietnamese rice paper are the real key to making amazing salad rolls. Here is a recipe fun for home: ingredients that you can pick up at your local ethnic grocery store or as a complete set, sauce and everything in a DIY Meal Kit from Anh and Chi. 

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