Today we remember, we honour and we celebrate 5 years

We remember the tragedies following the Fall of Saigon in April 30, 1975. We honour our parents and brave Vietnamese people fleeing their country for freedom. More than 2 million people were forced to leave war-torn Vietnam, fleeing from racial, ethnic, religious and political persecution. Only 1/3 survived. Others died from drowning or attacks by pirates, who murdered or sold people into slavery and sex work. Our parents were among the 139,695 Vietnamese refugees who survived and were accepted into Canada. 

April 30th brings mixed feelings. While anti-asian sentiments are rampant in our country, we couldn't be more proud of the past and present contributions of Vietnamese Canadians. 

We are excited to announce Anh and Chi's 5th anniversary! In celebration and collaboration with independent and local Powell Brewery - we present to you Fever Grass beer! The delicious gose style ale infused with lemongrass and rau răm, a Vietnamese mint. The traditionally tart and salty beer comes together with the refreshing mix of lemon, sweet citrus, green peppercorn and mint character of lemongrass and rau răm. The result is a taste of Vietnam which pairs perfectly with every dish on the menu!

Anh and Chi has planted our roots in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Lemongrass may be used to preserve ancient manuscripts, but here, it preserves our Vietnamese heritage. Rau răm give us that spice of life and the name Fever Grass reminds us that we are fuelled by passion and resilient like grass. We are here to stay! 

Pick up a 4-pack of Fever Grass with your next order or drop into our patio for a refreshing pour! 


Written by Quy Admin

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