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Those who were saddened by the news that the Main Street fixture Pho Hoang Vietnamese Restaurant would be closing its doors after 17 years of operation will be pleased to note that the restaurant is slated to re-open in the first week of April.

The 73-seat eatery, which is now being run by Vincent and Amelie Nguyen (kids of the original Pho Hoang owners), will flaunt a new name (Anh and Chi), a new look, and an updated menu.

Amelie and Vincent (Jess Fleming Vancity Buzz)

Siblings, Amelie and Vincent Nguyen (Jess Fleming Vancity Buzz)

The restaurant’s transformation began about eight months ago after Pho Hoang shuttered. The decision to shut up shop for good was not taken lightly.

“Our parents founded and ran Pho Hoang for 33 years,” Amelie said. “In 2010 our father died, and part of the business died with him. As a family we did our best to emulate his energy and vision, but it was difficult. We came to a point a few years ago where we were faced with the decision to close our doors or do what dad would have wanted us to do.”

Table setting at Anh + Chi (Jess Fleming / Vancity Buzz)

Table setting at Anh and Chi (Jess Fleming / Vancity Buzz) 

Vincent, with the help of his siblings, decided to accept the challenge and honour of running and nourishing the family business, and thus Anh and Chi, meaning brother and sister in Vietnamese, was born.

Wanting to continue the legacy of sharing Vietnamese culture and cuisine with their guests, Anh + Chi’s menu will feature well-flavoured regional staples found on the streets of Vietnam. Ly Nguyen (mom and the woman behind the recipes) will be overseeing the kitchen and has carefully selected recipes showcasing local and fresh ingredients. 

Photo courtesy of Anh + Chi

Pho Ha Noi (photo by Vy Tran) 

While it’s Anh and Chi’s mission to introduce a fresh way to present food, longstanding patrons of the 3388 Main Street locale can take comfort in knowing that many of Pho Hoang’s most popular dishes have been kept. Familiar favourites like Crisp Spring Rolls, Lemongrass Chicken, Vermicelli Bowls, and Vegetarian Pho will be offered alongside delicate rice noodles, rice paper rolls, salads, and other moreish plates.

Similar to the family-style menu, which juxtaposes the old and the new, so does the restaurant’s hip and cultured setting. Modern furnishings, in the way of industrial lamps and neon signs, are proudly displayed next to more traditional ones, like the multi-coloured wall tiles, which were shipped over from Vietnam especially, and the sleek brass nón lá (traditional Vietnamese hat) lamp shades. 

Tiles especially brought it from Vietnam (Jess Fleming / Vancity Buzz)

Tiles especially brought it from Vietnam (Jess Fleming / Vancity Buzz)

Drink wise, Anh and Chi will boast a thoughtful craft cocktail program run by dedicated mixologists. Mixed drinks will be offered alongside a variety of wine and beer.

For further developments, including Anh and Chi’s opening date, stay tuned to the eatery’s social media pages.

Anh and Chi

Address: 3388 Main Street
Phone: 604-874-0832
Twitter: @anhandchi

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