Love is in the air, and we're excited to make your Valentine's Day unforgettable! Reserve a table for two on the evening of February 14th, and indulge in a special 4-course set-menu at $65 per person, featuring: 

Hokkaido Scallop & Charred Pomelo Salad
:seedling:Faux Scallop & Charred Pomelo Salad
Mekong Prawn Souffle Noodles in Soup
:seedling:Mekong Delta Vegetable Noodles in Soup
Shaken Beef w/ Sweet Onion, Watercress & Potato Crisps
:seedling:Shaken King Oyster Mushroom, Sweet Onion, Watercress & Potato Crisps
:seedling:Pandan Mung Bean Tapioca w/ Coconut Milk and Palm Sugar

Can't celebrate on the day of? Not to worry! This 4-course menu will be available all through February 9th until February 13th. 

Reservations fill up quick! Click HERE to book your table early and savour these delectable dishes with your loved ones! Walk-ins of any-size party are welcomed and our regular service menu will be available. 

PLEASE NOTE: Dining times will be limited to 90 minutes. We are unable to accommodate menu modifications. If you have any questions about the Valentine’s Day set menu, please email

BUT WAIT... there is more! We will be offering, in tandem, some lunar new year features! 

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Anh and Chi from Saturday, February 10th. To welcome the Year of the Dragon with excitement, we have created very special 'Tết' dishes that nod to the preserved tradition of coming together as a family on this new moon. 

Founding Chef Ly will prepare Bánh Chưng - made of sticky rice, mung beans, pork belly and hand-wrapped in banana leaves; and a special vegetarian version offered too! The green square-like parcel symbolizes Earth, grounding us in the new year.

Also on the menu this February is a Sea Salt & Chilli Free-Range Chicken or Gà Nướng Muối Ớt, adding elements of fire for warmth and sea for adventure. Like holidays and adventure trips, you’ll need to pre-book! Please email after you have secured your reservation to pre-book your Sea Salt & Chilli Free-Range Chicken.

For dessert, indulge yourself in the Chè Bột Báng. This fragrant Pandan infused tapioca and mung bean ball is lathered with our signature coconut cream and palm sugar - a true symbol of family unity. 
Wishing you prosperity and joy in the Year of the Dragon!

Written by Anh and Chi Managers

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