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"Lạc Long Lager: A Legendary Brew for Modern Adventurers"

Introducing Lạc Long Lager: a beer crafted by Anh and Chi & Powell Brewing, which pays homage to the mystical Dragon Lord Lạc Long Quân of Vietnam. This extraordinary brew awakens the senses and takes you on a mythical, thirst-quenching expedition of flavour by blending pomelo and jasmine rice. With each sip, the pomelo invigorates your palate like an ocean breeze and the jasmine rice imparts a silky smoothness, echoing the Dragon Lord’s regal presence.

So, raise your glass high as you let the spirit of Lạc Long Quân infuse your soul with vitality and an adventurous fervour. Embrace the mystique of Vietnam's mythology and become part of the ancient legend as you embark on your very own legendary adventure with Anh and Chi’s Lạc Long Lager.

Available for purchase in-store with purchase of food June 10! *ID is required*

475ml x 4-pack
4.5% ALC./VOL.