Take-out has become a coping mechanism for diners and restaurants, helping both endure the long, dark weirdness of 2020. Over the months to come — in the stressed out space between today’s bubbles and tomorrow’s vaccines — Take This Out will focus on the delicious things we can all take home.

“Mind-blowing” water spinach and beef salad dish – photo by Ben Nelms.


Moving on now to Amelie Nguyen, co-founder of Main Street’s popular Anh and Chi restaurant…

What is the take out item you sell the most of?

Crispy Spring Rolls.

What is the take-out dish you think everyone should try and why?

Water Spinach Beef Salad because by the time the salad reaches your home, the sauteed garlic beef, fresh Vietnamese herbs and secret dressing has danced the perfect dance to blow your mind.

ANH AND CHI 3388 Main Street, Vancouver, BC MAP


Written by Anh and Chi Managers

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