The numbers are in! Anh and Chi's community of guests and staff raises $12,000 through Reservation by Donation.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard. We remember what it meant for us when our community came together. We cursed. We pivoted. We thrived. Reservation by Donation was born out of that sense of community.

We understand that some people, some communities, are disproportionately affected by COVID-19, and the effects will last long after the pandemic. We thrive knowing our growing Anh and Chi community is contributing to a greater community: to address systemic failures, socioeconomic barriers and life's varying circumstances by supporting these local organizations.

Despite the closure of indoor dining, our family of guests and staff were able to raise nearly $12,000 which has been donated to four local charities nominated and chosen by you - 

Thank you for your contribution! We hope this summer season raises that bar once more! 

Anh and Chi opens 11am until late daily. Limited outdoor and indoor dining is available. Walk-in guests are always welcome.

Be a part of this movement. Book now through Reservation by Donation.
Send us an email to or tag us on IG @anhandchi and share a local cause or organization that is close to your heart.
Written by Quy Admin

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