Our team has been hard at work crafting and creating new cocktails and a scrumptious feature dish. 

A special note from our bar manager:

Our fall cocktail menu is a tapestry of flavours, an orchestra of experiences, and a journey through nine distinct and unforgettable stories. Each drink possesses a character and charm of its own, ready to transport you to a world of your choosing.

Are you seeking a romantic evening of elegance and charm? Let me introduce the “Fizzn’t She Lovely.” You'll be wrapping yourself in silk and sparkles with every sip. It’s the perfect choice for a night of pure enchantment.

If you’re someone who craves a night of adventure and THRILL, something that makes you feel ALIVE to the core, then our “Bird of Prey” is your calling. This cocktail dares you to embrace the exhilaration of life. With every sip you’ll feel the pulse of the night and the daring spirit that defines you.

So join us and let these 9 captivating cocktails become the prologue to your own unique adventure. Each cocktail starts a new story and it’s up to you to decide which rabbit hole to go down.

- Chelsea McNabb 

Our Live Dungeness Curry Crab is BACK! Includes ~2.5lbs of live Dungeness Crab and a reservation of 2-4 people* at market price.

To pre-order your crab today, please email eat@anhandchi.com. *Minimum 48 hours in advance for ALL pre-orders*

Dungeness Curry Crab            

Written by Anh and Chi Managers

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