Anh and Chi marks five years with two exclusive family-style tasting menus this December!

Mount Pleasant staple celebrates occasion with limited-edition family-style menus and new cocktails showcasing the award-winning restaurant’s culinary heritage with two exclusive Family-Style Tasting Menus, $65-75++ per person (minimum 4 people) only available December 1-16. Book ahead through Reservation by Donation. Limited tasting menus will be available for walk in.

Intended for four to eight people to enjoy and share around the table, each of the two four-course celebratory menus offer an array of authentic Vietnamese fare including an appetizer of Bánh Khot (Crispy Turmeric Prawn Cakes) and a choice between two special anniversary feature mains: Cari Cua (Curry Dungeness Crab) with sides and Gỏi Bắp Chuối (Seared Scallop & Banana Blossom Salad) together with Cơm Chiên Cua (Soft-Shell Crab Fried Rice). For a sweet finish, a creative dessert-course collaboration with Cadeaux Bakery of Chocolate Cake filled with Jasmine Cream and Coffee Mousse and finished in Vietnamese Coffee Buttercream.

The Anh and Chi bartending team has also created a range of new cocktails to celebrate the occasion in fine style, including the Mẹ’s Garden Martini (gin, rosemary infused French vermouth blend, grapefruit and hops bitters, grape acid, Mezcal rinse), and the Long An Grasshopper (brandy, Branca Menta, pandan-infused coconut cream, taro syrup, nutmeg).

Most recently, Anh and Chi winterized its expansive private patio with a handsome covering, and fire pit heaters. Guests can now dine on its popular lush green patio year-round.

Reserve a table by donation with one of the two tasting menus at:

Limited seatings are available for Anh and Chi’s anniversary tasting menus and can be booked in advance by donating to a charity of your choice 48-hours in advance or walk in (limited availability). 


December 1 to 16, 2021
$65 to $75 per person++ (recommended for 4-8 people)


Bánh Khot (Crispy Turmeric Prawn Cakes) crispy turmeric cakes filled with prawns, coconut milk, green onions, lettuce, Vietnamese herbs, Mẹ’s Chilli Fish Sauce
*Served with a celebratory glass of Fitzpatrick Fitz Crémant sparkling wine


Khay Bánh Hỏi Lụi Nướng (DIY Street-Side Platter sharing dish served table-side) rice paper, fine rice vermicelli, fresh lettuce, pickled carrots and daikon, Vietnamese herbs, house-made pork sausage, beef in betel leaf, grilled chicken, grilled whole prawn, sugarcane prawn mousse, crispy pork spring rolls, Me’s Chilli Fish Sauce


Bún Riêu Cua (Grandma’s Crab-Tomato Noodle Soup) crab meat and roe soufflé, fried organic tofu, crab claw, fresh tomatoes, green onions, rice vermicelli noodles, pork bone broth, shrimp paste


(CHOICE between Curry Dungeness Crab with sides OR Scallop Banana Blossom Salad and Soft-shell Crab Fried Rice)

Cari Cua (Curry Dungeness Crab) whole live Dungeness crab, coconut curry, Asian basil, bird's eye chilli

Đậu Que Xào Dậu Hũ (Tofu & Green Beans) wok-fried French green beans, organic tofu, minced garlic

Cơm (Steamed Jasmine Rice)


Gỏi Bắp Chuối (Scallop & Banana Blossom Salad) seared East Coast scallops, fresh banana blossom, pickled daikon, carrots and red onions, Vietnamese mint, Cognac vinaigrette

Cơm Chiên Cua (Soft-Shell Crab Fried Rice) tempura soft-shell crab, jasmine rice, Asian greens, garlic chips, French breakfast radish


Bánh chuối (Banana Cake) Native Vietnamese banana, French baguette, Cognac, Pandan coconut milk 


Vietnamese Coffee Cake (Anh and Chi x Cadeaux Bakery Collab) chocolate cake filled with jasmine cream and coffee mousse, finished in Vietnamese coffee buttercream

“We’re so grateful to the community not just here in Mount Pleasant but across the city at large for all the love and support they’ve shown us since we embarked on this journey five years ago,” says Vincent. “At its heart, Anh and Chi is a tribute to our parents, but also the friends and family that helped us and families like us along the way, and we look forward to sharing those bonds with the many locals and visitors alike who have become like family to us, for years to come.”

Let's celebrate!

Written by Quy Admin

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