Anh and Chi is a contemporary take on traditional Vietnamese cuisine that will have you pho-get all about your favourite go-to dishes. | By Miranda Sam

We recommend starting off with the Xich Lo (think classic Sidecar cocktail recipe with a kefir lime sugar rim), nibbling on some light and crispy spring rolls, then working your way up to the red snapper (a delicious choice not commonly found on most Vietnamese menus). Sibling co-owner Amelie Ngyuen says the heart of the restaurant is all about health and happiness: they offer environmentally friendly Oceanwise seafood, use local ingredients from green grocers that she endearingly calls “Asian Aunties,” and sneak in an extra dose of healthy herbs wherever they can. Be sure to take in the breathtaking teal wall tile décor that was brought in from Vietnam.

From food to décor to utensils, Anh and Chi is bridging authentic Vietnamese with a modern flair.

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