Anh and Chi Unveils 'Good Thief': A Daring New Culinary Venture in Vancouver

Anh and Chi Unveils 'Good Thief': A Daring New Culinary Venture in Vancouver

In an exciting new chapter for Vancouver's culinary scene, the sibling duo behind Anh and Chi restaurant announces the launch of Good Thief, a groundbreaking dining concept next door at 3336 Main Street. Defying convention and celebrating daring creativity, Good Thief is set to captivate hearts!

Vincent Nguyễn, chef/owner, co-founder, and the visionary head of operations, alongside his sister Amélie Nguyễn, co-founder and the creative force as creative director, are no strangers to innovation. With roots deeply planted in their Vietnamese heritage and a childhood spent in East Vancouver, the Nguyễn siblings are on a mission to redefine Vietnamese cuisine in the Pacific Northwest, emphasizing community, connection, and culinary excellence.

"This project is a culmination of our lifelong passion and a bold complement to Anh and Chi," Vincent shares. "Good Thief is not just a dining experience; it's a venture into the unexplored territories of flavour and design. We're eager to unveil a concept that celebrates our heritage in a way that's never been seen before."

Since opening Anh and Chi in 2016, the Nguyễns have been praised for their innovative approach to Vietnamese dining, transforming their parents' legacy, Pho Hoang, into a modern culinary landmark. Good Thief, situated at the heart of Vancouver's eclectic Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, promises to be a thrilling extension of their vision.

Amélie adds, "With Good Thief, we're inviting our community to explore the depth of Vietnamese culture through adventurous and unexpected culinary journeys. Our new venture will offer unique flavours and experiences that foster connections and create lasting memories."

As preparations for the grand opening proceed, the Good Thief team is fine-tuning a menu and space that will undoubtedly become a new benchmark for dining in Vancouver. Guests are encouraged to follow the journey on Instagram at and Facebook at / for sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes looks, and exclusive updates!

Good Thief is seeking passionate individuals to join our team, embodying our dedication to hospitality and community. We're looking for talents across all areas who are eager to contribute to an unparalleled dining experience. Interested candidates are invited to reach out via