Resto roundup: Anh + Chi, Yaletown’s Kuma Izakaya, Kitsilano’s Kitchen Table, and more

Vancouver’s food industry is the scene that never sleeps as more restaurants continue to open up. Here’s our latest roundup of new places that have opened or are about to open, and two that have closed in the past few months. | Craig Takeuchi | May 30, 2016

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More Vietnamese to please

While the brother-sister team of Patrick and Victoria Do opened House Special Modern Vietnamese to become the next generation of their family’s restaurant legacy, another new Vietnamese eatery is also run by brother and sister restaurateurs with a strong family culinary lineage.

Siblings Vincent and Amelie Nguyen opened the appropriately named and stylish Anh + Chi at 3388 Main Street in April. In Vietnamese, anh means big brother while chi means big sister.

The Nguyen’s parents ran Pho Hoang Vietnamese Restaurant at the same location that began in 1983 as a pop-up shop.

Anh + Chi’s menu draws inspiration from Vietnamese street food and homestyle cooking, covering bún (vermicelli bowls); salads, such as green mango salad or pineapple salad; rice plates, such as grilled lemongrass chicken; and, of course, pho.

Family style dishes include the Northern Vietnamese delicacy canh ca thì là (wild sockeye salmon with fresh tomato and dill soup) and cá chiên (fried red snapper on mango salad with chili fish sauce).

Their “bucket list” section runs the gamut from bánh xèo (Vietnamese crêpes with pork and prawns or tofu and shitake mushrooms) to an indulgent streetside platter that includes housemade pork sausage, beef in betel leaf, grilled chicken, spring rolls, and more.

There’s also dessert to save room for, such as bánh flan (crème flan) or French baguettes with Vietnamese bananas served with warm Cognac coconut milk.