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Introducing our latest creation: Âu Cơ Pilsner, a vibrant collaboration between Anh and Chi and Moody Ales & Co! This refreshing brew tantalizes the taste buds with bright, zesty notes of lime, lychee, kiwi, and green tea.

Âu Cơ is more than just a name; it's a symbol of heritage and pride. In Vietnamese mythology, Âu Cơ is the immortal goddess of the mountains and the mother of Bách Việt, ancestors of the Vietnamese people. She embodies strength, resilience, and the rich cultural roots of Vietnam.

With Âu Cơ Pilsner, we honour this incredible tale and invite you to celebrate Vietnamese heritage with us. Raise a glass to Âu Cơ and savor every sip of this exceptional brew.

Read more about the tale of Âu Cơ on our community blog. Cheers to new beginnings! 

Available for purchase in-store with purchase of food June 10th. *ID is required*

ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 25
473ml tall cans

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