Gift Set: Mẹ's Artisan Sauces

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Gift a 3-piece set of Anh and Chi's Mẹ's artisanal sauces -- quintessential Vietnamese dipping sauces perfected over three decades. Hand-made and bottled in small batches in Vancouver, BC.

The set includes sustainable glass bottles of,

  • Mẹ's Chilli Fish Sauce
  • Mẹ's Sweet Soy Sauce
  • Mẹ's Peanut Sauce

Optional: Anh and Chi gift box & tissue +$5

Mẹ's artisanal sauces can be used to dip, douse, dress and marinade your favorite Viet-inspired dishes. Amazing with fresh rolls, salads, noodles, grilled meats and vegetables.

Keep refrigerated for up to 1 month.

Pre-order 24 hours in advance for in-store pick up. 
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