4-pack Fever Grass Beer

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Anh and Chi turns five!

To celebrate we have reached out to Powell Brewery to create a celebratory beer.

Fever Grass is a delicious gose style ale infused with lemongrass and rau răm. The traditionally tart and salty beer comes together with the refreshing mix of lemon, sweet citrus, green peppercorn and mint character of lemongrass and rau răm. The result is a taste of Vietnam which pairs perfectly with every dish on the menu!

Ingredients: lemongrass, rau răm (Vietnamese mint), sea salt, coriander seed, pilsner malt, and wheat malt.

Volume: 473ml x 4
Alcohol: 4.4% alc./vol.

Brewed at Powell Brewery. Available on tap at Anh and Chi or 4-packs for in-store pick up!
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