Anh and Chi Dinner Menu

Dinner is served from 4:30pm to closing.


Fresh Rolls

Cay Me – Organic tofu, lettuce, jicama, carrot, shredded coconut, roasted peanuts & mixed herbs.
Served with light soy sauce.
Ve, P 5

Sài Gòn – Choice of Prawn | Grilled pork | Grilled chicken. Lettuce, bean sprouts, rice vermicelli & Thai basil.
Served with peanut sauce.
P 5

Bò Bía – Vietnamese sausage, dried shrimp, egg, lettuce, jicama, carrot, roasted peanuts & Thai basil.
Served with peanut sauce.
P 5

Grilled Skewers

Lụi Nướng – Shiitake mushroom | Okra | Eggplant | Organic tofu Ve, P 3 each

Pork | Pork sausage | Beef | Beef in betel leaf | Beef & lemongrass | Chicken | Whole prawn | Baby squid P 4 each

Crispy Spring Rolls

Chả Giò – Pork, carrot, taro, bean thread vermicelli & black mushroom.
Served with lettuce, mixed herbs & chili fish sauce.

Chả Giò Chay – Black mushroom, jicama, carrot, taro & bean thread vermicelli.
Served with lettuce, mixed herbs & light soy sauce.
Ve 8

Chicken Wings

Cánh Gà – Choice of Chili fish sauce | Butter, garlic & green onion. GF 14

Steamed Rice Cakes

Bánh Bèo Huế – Delicate rice cakes, topped with sautéed prawns, chicken crackling bits, chive oil and Hue-style fish sauce. GF 16 (N/A for takeout)

Fresh Salads

Gỏi Bắp Chuối Cua Lột – Fresh banana blossom salad with soft shell crab, Vietnamese mint, roasted peanuts, & chili fish sauce dressing. GF, P 18

Gỏi Xoài – Fresh green mango, fried shallots, roasted peanuts, mint and mixed herbs tossed with tamarind dressing. P
Choice of Grilled chicken | Prawn | Organic tofu Ve  

Gỏi Rau Muống – Fresh water spinach topped with sautéed garlic beef sirloin, fried shallots, roasted peanuts, mixed herbs & sweet vinaigrette dressing. GF, P 18

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Number 37 – Grilled lemongrass chicken and/or pork chop with jasmine rice & chili fish sauce. GF 17

Cơm Chiên – Wok fried rice topped with a fried egg GF
Choice of Beef | Pork | Chicken | Prawn +$2 | Organic tofu V

Cơm Sườn Bò Nướng – Grilled beef short ribs with jasmine rice & chili fish sauce. 17


Phở Hoàng – Sliced beef sirloin, brisket and meatballs with rice noodles and beef broth.
Served with fresh bean sprouts, basil, lime & chili.
GF 13

Phở Chay – Organic tofu, daikon, carrot & leafy Asian greens with rice noodles and veggie broth.
Served with fresh bean sprouts, basil, lime & chili.
 GF, Ve 13

Bún Bò Huế – Sliced beef brisket, Vietnamese ham, pork hock and thick vermicelli in spicy broth.
Served with fresh bean sprouts, basil, lime & chili.
 GF 14


Om Bowl – Grilled organic tofu, crispy spring veggie roll, okra & shiitake mushroom over a bed of greens & mixed herbs. Served with light soy sauce. Ve, P 16

Bún Thịt Nướng Chả Giò Tôm – Choice of Grilled chicken | Grilled pork | Grilled beef.
Served with grilled whole prawn and crispy pork spring rolls over a bed of greens, mixed herbs & chili fish sauce.
 P 16

Hủ Tiếu Xào – Wok-fried glass noodles, with bean sprouts, Chinese celery, carrots, jicama, soy sauce & fried garlic chips.
Choice of Chicken & prawn | Organic tofu & mushroom Ve 18

Add to any rice dish or vermicelli bowl  3
Crispy spring roll | Fried egg | Blanched veggies 

Bucket List

Bánh Cuốn – Steamed Rice Sheets
Mushroom, ground pork, onions, and black pepper, folded in hand poured rice sheets.
Served with shoestring yam, king prawn, ham, and beansprouts, cucumber, fried shallots, basil, with light chili fish sauce. 18 (N/A for takeout)

Bún Chả Hanoi – Hanoi’s Deconstructed Vermicelli
Grilled pork, pork patties, pickled carrot and green papaya, in a warm darkened fish sauce. Served with fresh greens, Vietnamese herbs, and vermicelli noodles to construct.

Bánh Xèo – Vietnamese Crêpe
Pork, prawn, bean sprouts and mung bean in crisp rice flour, coconut milk & turmeric crêpe. Served with lettuce, mixed herbs & chili fish sauce.
Substitute with organic tofu and shiitake mushroom. Served with light soy sauce.
Ve 20

Khay Bánh Hỏi Lụi Nướng – DIY Street-Side Platter
Served with fresh lettuce, mixed herbs, pickled carrots and daikon, fine rice vermicelli, rice paper and your choice of
House-made pork sausage, beef in betel leaf, grilled chicken, grilled prawn, crispy pork spring rolls, and chili fish sauce.
 P 25
Organic tofu, Shiitake mushroom, okra, eggplant, crispy veggie spring rolls, and light soy sauce. Ve P  22

Family Style

Land & Sea

Chả Cá Thăng Long – Turmeric & Dill Cod
Marinated with turmeric oil and galangal, and cooked tableside with fresh dill and green onions; paired with toasted sesame seed cracker, roasted whole peanuts, cilantro, herbs, vermicelli and Hanoi-style shrimp sauce. GF, P
27 (N/A for takeout)

Canh Chua Tôm – King Prawn tamarind soup with seared tomato, fresh pineapple, okra, bean sprouts and bac ha. Sprinkled with fresh Vietnamese herbs, chili, & fried garlic chips. GF 22

Chú Tư – Trio of char-grilled lemongrass chicken, pork chop and beef short ribs. 22

 Cá Chien – Seared Pacific Snapper, fresh mango salad, chili fish sauce, chive oil, garnished with bird’s eye chili. GF 20

Cari Gà – Light yellow curry with chicken and sweet potato. Garnished with Thai basil & bird’s eye chili. GF 19


Cari Chay – Light yellow curry with fried organic tofu and winter vegetables.  Garnished with Thai basil & bird’s eye chili. GF, Ve 18

Cà Tím Nướng – Whole grilled aubergine topped with roasted peanuts, chive oil, and drizzle of our signature sauce. Choice of chili fish sauce GF, P | Light soy sauce Ve, P 15

Cải Xanh Xào Gừng – Stir fried organic greens with garlic & ginger root. GF, Ve 14

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Dậu Que Xào Dậu Hũ – Stir fried green beans, organic tofu & garlic Ve 14

Cơm – Jasmine rice | Brown grain riceGF, Ve 3 small | 5 large


Dessert is available and rotating, daily. Please ask your server for the dessert of the day.


To maintain our local and fresh ingredients, substitutions may occur without notice. Please inform us of any dietary requirements. Some dishes can be modified to be gluten free (GF) or vegan (Ve); please note that GF or Ve items may be fried in the same plant-based oil as other wheat or meat containing products. All dishes may contain trace amounts of nuts.

GF = gluten free | V = veggie | Ve = vegan | P = peanuts

An 18% gratuity may be added to parties of 6 or more.
As a courtesy to other guests, we limit seating to 2 hours.
There is a $25 corkage fee per 750ml bottle for wine/champagne.
There is a $15 cake cutting fee.

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