Anh and Chi Dessert Menu

Dessert is served all day long…

Bánh Chuối – Baked native Vietnamese bananas
French baguette, brandy and warm pandan-infused coconut milk.V 9

Bánh Trối – Hand made dumpling filled with split mung beans
In rock sugar and ginger syrup, sprinkled with black sesame.GF, Ve 8 (limited availability)

Kem – Ice cream
Ernest Whiskey HazelnutP | Passion Fruit Basil SorbetGF, Ve 4 per scoop

To maintain our local and fresh ingredients, substitutions may occur without notice. Please inform us of any dietary requirements. Some dishes can be modified to be gluten free (GF) or vegan (Ve); please note that GF or Ve items may be fried in the same plant-based oil as other wheat or meat containing products. All dishes may contain trace amounts of nuts.

GF = gluten free | V = veggie | Ve = vegan | P = peanuts

An 18% gratuity may be added to parties of 6 or more.
As a courtesy to other guests, we limit seating to 2 hours.
There is a $25 corkage fee per 750ml bottle for wine/champagne.
There is a $15 cake cutting fee.

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