Trà Ling Mule

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Anh and Chi's effervescent twist on the classic spicy ginger and citrus beverage

Anh and Chi with Teeling Whiskey Presents: Trà Ling Mule! 

Using Teeling small batch Irish Whiskey, a lime and pandan green tea syrup, an acid blend, fresh ginger juice, and water. It's then force-carbonated and the flavours you get are spicy ginger, dried fruit, toasted coconut, and lime - the ultimate swing into spring. 

255ml || 8.1%A.B.V.

Ingredients: Water, Teeling Small Batch, Pandan Green Tea, Ginger Juice, Acid Blend (citric, malic, tartaric, phosphoric), sugar, salt, lime oils.

Micro-batached and canned at Anh and Chi, 3388 Main Street, Vancouver, BC.

Designed by: Priscilla Yu, multi-disciplinary artist, illustrator, and muralist in Mount Pleasant.

Dine in: $16; Pick up: $15, limited availability. 
IN-STORE pick-up only. ID required.