Mẹ Documentary Film Accepted at 3 Film Festivals in 2019

The recently produced Mẹ Documentary film, by Derek Kwan, has has been accepted at 3 film festivals in 2019. Read more

Morph: Change the Story

Transformation is central to the stories we love, and Anh and Chi was invited to tell our tale for the inaugural Morph exhibition at the Vancouver Public Library. Read more

One of Vancouver’s Best Vietnamese Restaurants Gets Its Story Told in New Short Film

The story of Mount Pleasant’s gorgeous, always bustling Vietnamese restaurant Anh and Chi is well and succinctly told in this engrossing Storyhive short. Read more

Anh and Chi partner with documentary filmmaker, Derek Kwan

Anh and Chi partnered with the young and emerging documentary filmmaker, Derek Kwan, of Kered Films, to share the heartwarming story behind Anh and Chi.

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me Documentary

Telus Storyhive Mẹ Documentary Film

Mẹ, which is ‘mother’ in the northern Vietnamese dialect, follows two generations of moms as they create a new dish for the family restaurant. Reimagining their parent’s pho shop, the next generation carries on the family legacy through Vietnamese cuisine.
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Neighbourhood Eats Video

Erin Ireland Visits Mount Pleasant for Food Network Canada Read more