Best of the City Dining 2017: And the winners are…

Another year, another delicious spread of winners. Despite the well documented cost pressures placed on the residents of Vancouver and its restaurant industry, this city’s food scene just doesn’t slow down.

Westender | November 9, 2017

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In our annual Best of the City Dining Awards, we’ve laid out Vancouver’s bounty before you – thanks to your help, of course.

We’ve got some stellar newcomers – congrats on your debut Westender awards, Botanist, St. Lawrence and H2! – as well as steadfast veterans that continue to evolve with these fast-paced times.

We’ve also got some fresh trends represented – who could have thought a few years ago we’d all be scarfing down poke? – as well as the best representatives of traditional cuisine.

In the next several pages, we list all of this year’s winners and feature some of your top favourites.

You’ll notice that a lot of them deal in liquids and this, too, has been a recent revolution of sorts. Whether they choose bubble tea or artisan tea leaves, craft beer or B.C. wine, more Vancouverites are realizing that a glass of cola or cheap plonk just doesn’t cut it anymore.

This is your invitation to get out there and explore, satisfy your belly and your curiosity, and support some amazing people – from executive chefs to servers – who somehow keep making our city’s food scene better every year.

Cheers! —The Westender team 

Best Vietnamese

1. Anh and Chi, 3388 Main Street

2. Phnom Penh, 244 E Georgia Street

3. Pho Goodness, various locations