About Anh and Chi

Anh and Chị [/ aĭŋ / ænd / ţi /]
noun / conjunction / noun

  1. Elder brother and elder sister of the same family;
  2. respectful form of address for a friend or a even a stranger, man or woman respectively, generally above one’s age; address for fellow members of the same community;
  3. a cultured, vibrant hub at 3388 Main Street in Vancouver – a place to gather, eat, drink and share authentic Vietnamese recipes from many brothers’ and sisters’ kitchens, assembled with fresh and local ingredients with love and excitement.

Vincent Nguyễn, Brother

Vincent Nguyen

Vincent Nguyen was born and raised in East Vancouver. He began his professional pursuit as a medical student in Newcastle, Australia. It wasn’t until after his dad died that Vincent was brave enough to quit school and return home to his family. There he found purpose and courage to pursue entrepreneurship. In 2016, Vincent officially took the torch from his parents’ and transformed a once mom and pop pho shop into the vibrant and highly acclaimed Anh and Chi. Vincent’s passion for design, attention to detail, and sheer love for food and people allowed him to advance Vietnamese cuisine in Vancouver. As the Owner, he strives to build connections not only with his team, but with every guest that comes through the doors of Anh and Chi.

Amelie Nguyen

Amélie Nguyen arrived to Vancouver as a baby refugee with her parents, who were boat people from Vietnam. A nomad by heart, she has traveled, studied and worked around the globe. Amélie holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Montana (Missoula) and a Master of Public Health from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She has worked in academia and not for profit around cultural mental health and community capacity building; more recently in HIV prevention with the World Health Organization (Vietnam). Amélie is passionate about telling stories through writing and short films that inspire thought, compassion and change. She is a dreamer and visionary; a lover and curator of food, cocktails and warm fuzzy feelings. Amélie is the sister and supporter of Anh and Chi, a policy analyst with Fraser Health and mom to a lovely little human named Liberty.

Amelie Nyugen

Amelie Nguyễn, Sister

Ly Nyugen

Ly Nguyễn, Mẹ (mother)

Our Story

Anh and Chi is a vibrant, cultured and hip hub to eat, drink and connect. It represents the countless brothers and sisters, across several generations, who share their talent, passion, and a vision for Vietnamese fare.

Our mom grew up in grandma’s café, which was a space for people to gather, eat and express themselves. Her shop played pre-1975 Nhac Vang music – songs of peace, prosperity and freedom – which were then banned throughout the country. Grandma’s café became a hub for artists, musicians and the whole community.

Fast forward 40 years, our family’s recipes have reached beyond Saigon and into Seattle and Vancouver. Our vision is to continue to share Vietnamese cooking and culture with our greater community – our brothers and sisters.

Our uncle once said, “No matter where we are in Vietnam, we are all from the same mother.” It’s never been truer, regardless of where we are in the world. We certainly have felt this way growing up in BC. It’s our turn to share with you the rich history and promising future of Vietnamese hospitality, food and culture.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

In 1983, our parents arrived in Canada as boat people from Vietnam. With limited English, great responsibility, and deep nostalgia for the people and places they left behind, our parents started making Pho out of their home. Friends and neighbours started to come together.

What then began as a pop up shop evolved into an iconic noodle shop on Main Street. For 33 years, our parents operated the first and longest standing Pho speciality house in the city, formally known as Pho Hoang Vietnamese Restaurant. Their success was owed to our community who wanted to try something new (and familiar for some). For many years, our parents were all hands on deck – in the kitchen, at the market, face to face with customers, having worked day and night.

They were self-trained Chefs. Entrepreneurs. Community leaders. Like many families who have settled in a new country, they have taught us to start where we are, use what we have and do what we can.

What our parents did out of necessity became a strong foundation for us moving forward. Their shoulders are what we stand on. Anh and Chi is a tribute to our parents, family and friends who have helped us along the way, and a celebration for many families who continue to pave the way for the generations to come.

Our Parents: Ly + Hoang

Lý & Hoàng Nguyên, 1983