This Land of Ours

With our country boasting quite a large Vietnamese population, most major cities from coast-to-coast are blessed with a myriad of Vietnamese restaurants to enjoy the robust flavours of Southeast Asia.

Dan Clapson & Christopher Metler | Bay Street Bull | September 21, 2016

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The freshness of basic, the aromatic and warming capabilities of lemongrass – an essential quality on a rainy Vancouver day – are just two of vibrant ingredients that Anh & Chi uses to celebrate their food above and beyond a standard neighborhood pho stop. Pineapple salad with pickled jicama, carrots, herbs, prawns and tamarind dressing will brighten up any meal here and the many vegetarian-friendly dishes like organic tofu pho, full of daikon, carrots and greens really sum up the city’s health-focused culture in a nutshell.